Packaging Speaks Green

Packaging Speaks Green is a platform devoted to green innovation for brand owners and retailers. It comprises an international publication and forum devoted to the development of a culture of sustainability and circular economy within the packaging industry.

Aimed at B2B operators, it explores global trends in sustainable packaging materials and covers technology, institutions, trends, data and national and international research.


Packaging Speaks Green is an international forum devoted to the development of a culture of sustainability and circular economy in the packaging industry.

First organised in 2020, this well-established event features panel discussions, debates and case history presentations given by representatives of leading sector companies and the institutions with the aim of providing new tools and methods for sustainable packaging design.

  • Packaging Speaks Green 2020 – 450 participants from 20 countries, 35 international speakers and 40 accredited journalists
  • Packaging Speaks Green Pocket 2021 – Organised during MEAT-TECH 2021
  • Packaging Speaks Green 2022 – Organised during IPACK-IMA and Greenplast

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Packaging Speaks Green 2020
Highlights 21 February
Highlights 20 February

Latest news

PSG also features a wealth of sustainability-related packaging industry news in the fields of technology, institutions, trends, data and national and international research.

  • Low-impact adhesives

    After presenting a universal adhesive for aluminium cans at interpack, KHS decided to offer a similar product for PET bottles. Here, too, the aim is to conserve resources by joining the beverage containers with a single adhesive spot, thereby avoiding the use of shrink wrap. This is made possible […]

  • Reducing food waste with a smart closure

    United Caps, an international manufacturer of closure systems, was honoured for its Bump Cap at the Save Food Design Awards at the Shanghai New International Expo Center during the Shanghai World of Packaging (SWOP 23) trade fair in China from 22 to 24 November.

  • EU vote on PPWR: common sense and scientific approach prevail

    With the approval of the amendments on the new Packaging and Packaging Waste Regulation (PPWR), the European Parliament's vote on Wednesday 22 November 2023 goes in the desired direction, having accepted the proposals made forward by Italy - a leader in Europe for waste recycling capacity - on the […]

  • Permanent Materials Alliance welcomes European Parliament's ambition on recyclability

    The Permanent Material Alliance - comprising the Association of European Producers of Steel for Packaging (APEAL), European Aluminium, the European Container Glass Federation (FEVE) and Metal Packaging Europe - welcomes the recyclability rules adopted by the European Parliament plenary today. The […]

  • Pro Food has its say on PPWR

    Pro Food, a member of Confindustria (the Italian Confederation of Industry), which brings together 14 Italian manufacturers of plastic containers for the packaging, distribution and consumption of food and drink, submitted its comments on PPWR.

  • EU regulation: Severe impact on key manufacturing sectors averted

    "After the fundamental intervention of the European parliamentarians and the strong pressure of the trade associations, the long-awaited corrective measures to the proposed EU regulation on packaging and packaging waste, which in its original formulation would have had serious repercussions on the […]

  • European Parliament vote on PPWR does not satisfy EuPC

    “Packaging neutrality objectives and similar material circularity targets will create the level playing field that Europe really needs.” stated EuPC managing director Bernard Merkx in his first reaction to the vote. Last week, the European Parliament adopted its negotiating position on the […]

  • Reactions and comments to the first green light from the EU Parliament on the PPWR

    An "in progress" review of declarations made by supply-chain-related associations after the vote on 22 November by the European Parliament in plenary session. After the approval of the changes to the Packaging Regulation (PPWR) on 22 November 2023 by the European Parliament, the output of comments […]

  • Tray2tray for packing fresh meat

    Klöckner Pentaplast (kp) has launched Elite MAP, a 100% recyclable rPET tray (certified by RecyClass), to create a closed-loop packaging solution for fresh meat. This solution can be combined with the innovative KP Zapora tray and the recyclable kp FlexiLid EH 145 R barrier film to create a fully […]

  • AI gives polypropylene packaging a second life

    The OMNI collaborative research project led by Recycleye, Valorplast and TotalEnergies to improve the circularity of polypropylene (PP) food packaging has produced groundbreaking results. The new technology, based on artificial intelligence (AI) and computer vision, combined with an efficient […]

  • Innosort Flake stars at Ecomondo 2023

    At the annual trade fair in Rimini, Tomra Recycling Sorting launched the world premiere of the new Innosort Flake for sorting plastic flakes. A testimony to the company's constant commitment and its ability to innovate by investing in research and development.

  • Bag In Box for agricultural lubricants

    At the Agritechnica exhibition in Hanover, Petronas Lubricants International (PLI), in collaboration with CNH Industrial, presented two sustainable packaging solutions for the agricultural sector: Bag in Box Petronas Multi-traction NH Ambra and Multi-traction Case IH Akcela.