UCIMA (Italian Packaging Machinery Manufacturers’ Association) is the national trade association that represents and supports the Italian packaging machinery manufacturers. It has around 200 member companies from all over the country, including the industry leaders.

UCIMA is a member of the Italian Employers’ Federation Confindustria, making it an integral part of Italian industry’s representation system.

It liaises with various institutions and plays a key role in promoting the quality and value of Italian technology at a national and international level. It also supports the industry’s continuous growth by providing day-to-day services and advice to companies.

The association is part of a national and international network that helps to develop strategies for the industry and organise initiatives for the continuous education of member companies’ employees.

What we do for companies

Representation activities:

  • Italian and international network for promoting and raising the profile of the packaging technology sector
  • Lobbying with Italian and international bodies and institutions
  • Communicating with stakeholders
  • Networking and participating in working groups with other Italian and international associations
  • Participating in meetings and working groups with member companies
  • Participating in standards working groups

Services and activities:

Services and activities are shared through continuous consulting and assistance with the aim of supporting companies in their day-to-day operations.

The services offered focus in particular on:

  • Scouting, analysis and interpretation of information, standards, etc.
  • Collection, analysis and interpretation of market data for monitoring global industry trends and the performance of international competitors
  • Updating, interpreting and monitoring national and international regulations relating to packaging technologies and exports
  • Management training
  • International marketing and promotion
  • Organising international trade fairs IPACK-IMA and MEAT-TECH together with Fiera Milano
  • Sustainability and environment
  • Facilitated and extraordinary financing
  • Communication
  • Publishing

The Ucima, Acimac and Amaplast network

Ucima, Acimac and Amaplast have embarked on a process of integration aimed at further improving their efficiency, reach and services. This operational partnership also reinforces the role of political representation played by the three associations affiliated to the Italian employers’ federation Confindustria. Acimac, Amaplast and Ucima represent 1,172 companies that employ 57,487 people and generate revenues of €14.3 billion. This is equivalent to 39% of the total revenue of the Italian capital goods sector and 1.4% of that of the entire Italian manufacturing industry, which amounted to €1,000 billion in 2021.

Ucima has launched the brand WMP – We Make Packaging to promote the Italian packaging machinery industry worldwide.


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