Ucima organises strategic collectives in Thailand and Brazil

More than 50 Italian brands are taking part.

June continues to be a busy month for Italy’s packaging machinery manufacturers. Following Expo Pack Mexico and Senepack Expo, Ucima is now heading to Thailand and Brazil where it is organising two country pavilions showcasing more than 50 Italian brands.

ProPak Asia, the premier packaging and processing exhibition in Southeast Asia, will be held from Wednesday 12 to Saturday 15 June at Bitec in Bangkok. The more than 800 square metre pavilion organised by Ucima will host 42 companies: A.C.M.I., Agriflex, Akomag, Angelus, Antares Vision, Arol, Bartom, Boato Pack, Borelli Group, Cepi, Cmi Industries, Colines, Ct Pack, Easysnap Technology, Fenco Food Machinery, Food Contact Center, F.P.E. Food Processing Equipment, Frigel, Frigosystem, Galdi, Gorreri, Ic Filling Systems, Ica, Interpump Group, Lm, Mas Pack Packaging, Moss, Navatta Group Food Processing, Omnia Technologies, P.E. Labellers, Pelliconi, Promec, R. Bardi, Raytec Vision, Sacmi Imola, Siad, Sipa, Smi, Tecno Pool, Tropical Food Machinery, Weightpack and Zacmi.

In 2023, Thailand imported packaging machinery worth a total of €353.6 million, a figure that was virtually unchanged with respect to the previous year (+0.1%). The main countries of origin of imports remained China (€117 million, a slight increase of +0.6% compared to 2022) and Germany (€62.6 million, +12.9%). Italy climbed to third place (more than €50 million, +32.3%), overtaking Japan (€39.6 million). Together, China, Germany and Italy accounted for over €230 million (65.1% of the total market).

The exhibition will also feature networking events, including the Italian Night in Bangkok to be held on 12 June at the Speakeasy rooftop bar in Hotel Muse. Additionally, presentations will be given by Ucima’s Chairman Riccardo Cavanna and Director General Gian Paolo Crasta during the Global Packaging Forum on 12 June.

The next appointment in the international calendar is Fispal Tecnologia, which will be held in São Paulo from Tuesday 18 to Friday 21 June. A total of 11 companies will take part in the collective organised by Ucima in collaboration with the Italian Trade Agency ITA: Bartom, Fbr-Elpo, Gorreri, Ilpra, Imeta, Intech, Officina Meccanica Sestese, San Cassiano, Sarp, Senzani Brevetti and Tecnopool.

In 2023, Brazil imported packaging machinery worth a total of €419.8 million (+16.8 % compared to 2022). The main countries of origin were Italy (€123 million, +31.5% year-on-year), Germany (over €101 million, +40.7%) and China (€38.8 million, +19.4%). The top 3 exporters together held a 62.2% share (€263.5 million) of Brazil’s total imports. Brazil ranks as the 12th largest destination country for Italian exports. The two exhibitions are also part of the We Make Packaging world tour, the large-scale project to promote Italian-made products launched by Ucima in 2023.