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Gandus Saldatrici’s history goes back to 1885, when a distinguished gentleman named Prospero Gandus founded his company in Milan, producing paper bags to contain the needles for the sewing machines.

Craftsmanship and precision, all Italian.

Since its foundation Gandus has been a manufacturing company.  And since its foundation Gandus has been managed by Prospero Gandus first and his descendance then.

In 1954, Gandus enters the world of packaging machinery production, affirming itself immediately on the market thanks to professionalism, reliability, high quality constantly in time.

Since then, Gandus Saldatrici has been a point of reference for the production of heat sealers to hermetically seal polyethylene, paper and aluminium bags and heat-sealable coated laminates in general.

In the 80es the Company develops and manufactures the first model of medical sealer for sterilization pouches and since then has grown up to become the national and international point of reference in the medical packaging industry.

In 2007, with the aim to constantly support customers in their growth, which often leads to the need to work with very powerful machines, Gandus created a special Division dedicated to Automatic Packaging.

With a view to constantly increasing the completeness of its offer in the packaging market in 2021, Gandus Saldatrici incorporated Bustaplast Flexible Packaging, a historic company specialized in the processing and marketing of Fexible Packaging Materials.

Today Gandus Saldatrici consists of 4 specialized Divisions that offer 360° packaging solutions combining a wide range of packaging systems developed in more than 100 versions, to a wide and compete offer of flexible packaging materials, characterized by high quality and innovation always in line with evolving market realities.

Industrial Packaging Division

A whole and complete range of manual, rotary, semi automatic sealers and packaging machines able to satisfy any requirement in the field of packaging in the most different markets. 

Medical and Pharmaceutic Packaging Division

Its wide range of models, satisfies any packaging need of medical sterile products both in premade pouches and reels, from the small laboratory to the great hospital, from the producer of medical disposables to the big pharmacy industry.

Each range offers different models according to specific requirements: Validation process, location of use, kind of sealing, print facility and cutting device need, human interfaces and communication with external devices, output requirements.

Automatic Packaging Division

A wide and complete range of Vertical VFFS machines, Dosing systems, Complete Packaging Lines, designed and manufactured with the highest quality certified standards and the highest tailormade design flexibility.

Flexible Packaging Materials Division

Born from the fusion with Bustaplast Flexible Packaging, historical company specialized in the production and distribution of flexible packaging.

Steady production development, constant investments in technology, great production flexibility allow the Company guarantee a wide and high quality offer, matching the most specific and customized needs of companies of all sizes and product sectors with great consideration for environmentally friendly materials, where its continuous investments allow to offer optimal solutions.

Gandus Saldatrici is a Certified Quality System ISO 9001:2015.